August 2011

Trip to the park with @bdoneartist thanks for the clip @__dwells__

Stepped outside out to my ride, hit the button for the alarm, blip blip, disaarrrrm.

if u havent seen hunters part in pleasure dome ur blowing it.
PS i owe u more pug stickerzz and a high 5 boi!

forgive the format deviation, I could not let this one slip by. 
My favorite block in Nashville, NC

Anonymous asked: No job no friends no girls shitty home life I just sit in my room all day and wait till it's time to sleep again that's only time I feel real I guess


Every building starts with the foundation. It’s the part that takes the longest. A building site usually looks like a damn hole in the ground for mouths or years. It’s rough but sometimes you aren’t given a foundation to work with in which case it’s up to you to lay it yourself. When I couldn’t face the day I tried to be invisible but all the while I was trying to find what I liked and what I got enjoyment from. I looked critically at my life and figured out what needed to go and what I could lay into my foundation to build upon later. It’s the hardest thing I’m currently working on but when you see someone who’s doing it, like really doing it, it’s enough to make you try. I think you need to find something that works for you. Feel alive at night? Take a walk think about who you are. Listen to a good album. Look at the work of people who you want to be, who they are, and what do they do.

yes. me too